Sunday, December 28, 2008

There is no crime in Los Angeles

At about 3:00 last night at least four men were driving in a strange formation at the end of our driveway. They were drinking and from the looks of the glass in the street this morning they were also crashing. The glass , and beer cans are every where , and I am thinking that I will probably go , and clean that up. Two county Sheriff's arrived in separate cars, and processed the drivers for at least two hours more until they finally left. There were 4 of us watching the whole thing happen, and then Elizabeth says's , "this kind of thing doesn't happen in L.A. This weird kinda crap only happens in Kansas.......... Then she said , "I hope that the police throw them in jail with some big ugly fat guy that slaps them on the ass , and calls them Sally".
Isn't Elizabeth lovely.


Adrienne said...

I "heart" Elizabeth!

DionysiosD said...

And I thought I was in redneckville!
At least my drunks have the decency to stay and drink their liquor in their pickup truck in the parking lot of the bar across the street - right next to the tire shop.