Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deep theological reasons why Ana is in the "Cigar club" at her Catholic college.

Quote- "Because there is one really cute Catholic guy in that club,
and the smoking jackets are so cool. " ( Ana, boy's aren't really the reason why we go to college.)
I am glad that they wont let you smoke anymore since you had gotten so sick from it .
Maybe they could spring for some "Nicorette" patches ,
and all of you can just skip to the final phase of smoking.
Say , ask around and find out if there is a view master club.
Maybe then I would go to college too.
I already have a nice Catholic boy though ,but I can always make room for some more reels.
Your studying aren't you Ana,
that's the most importiant thing that you can do while your there.
Hit the books , and stick with that Mass club.
Oh, and always remember "sex will kill you",
and if by some strange fluke of nature you survive it , then Mom would kill you. :-0
Love you , stay warm, and eat a vegetable sometime, they come in different shapes, and sizes, and they are often "green" colored. Mom

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