Thursday, January 8, 2009

Head's up - I'll be spending a lot of time in public this week.

Oh my stars. This chick's got Dr. Phil's phone number on her speed dial. It cracks me up how she seems to control ,and handle her purse better than her temper.
So many people for her to slap and yet so little time. Does somebody need a ride to confession ? Hey - Leo,- you give her a ride. I must notify Mr. Nelson over at the Abby's that we have found the perfect girl for him - for his next date night. She's beautiful,confident, energetic, and she can really sling stuff around. I sure hope that she's Catholic, Terry's picky- as well he should be! BTW I did notice that she was beating the hell out of a woman with a "bed pan". I can lend you a bed pan for your date for self defence. I bought it on the same day that I purchased "The grandma" pillow ,and the clapper.

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