Thursday, February 4, 2010

Have you ever wondered who the oldest person you've ever met was?


Melody K said...

Those are neat, Belinda. I didn't know photography went back to 1838! Amazing to think there is a picture of someone born in the 1700's. Recently someone in our family found a photo of my great-great grandparents (one set of them, anyway). Family members got an e-mailed copy; I think the original may have been a tintype. It is circa 1860-ish, they are dressed like Abe and Mary Lincoln. Their facial expressions are grim; I understand that for some of those old photo processes they had to hold the same pose for several minutes. The story is that they came from France; they had lost their money and had to come here to be pioneers and start over. So maybe they had a reason to be grim. Old photos are like a window into the past.

belinda said...

I would love to see your photo.

You wrote - Old photos are like a window into the past.

I say that too!