Saturday, March 27, 2010

Say honey, "How would you like your pain?"
 Hmmm, "I'd like mine over easy and well done please."
That was the question posed inside of my head and it continued - if you don't lose weight you're going to have to  live with the pain of diabetes and heart issues. The  necessary medications required will be expensive and  the procedures will be painful.

Personal accountability is happening to me and I'm not allowed to be overweight anymore. 
Besides I'm not willing to be "chipped" for my health care.
 I know  no one has mentioned that yet but I believe it's going to end up that way.

Pain is going to happen but  it's up to me how it will be served.

Hmmm, "I'll like to have a plate of diet" and an order of exercise with a glass of water.
I'd also prefer a simple salad with pain on the side, thank you very much."


Melody K said...

Personal accountability (sigh) is not easy. It's hard for me to get past the entitlement attitude with food ("I work hard, I've earned that candy bar!"). Guess I can also earn blocked arteries.

belinda said...

My blood pressure was 153/105 and something had/has to be done. I waited until my back was against the wall before I decided to become responsible...

I think people have been praying for me because these "revelations" have saved me from myself.

In my head, I think everyday is a party day- that includes food. Good quality food makes an average day seem special. hahahaha
And I've had a lot of special days!

I'm a simple girl, I'm just trying not to die or drool.