Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When our daughter Grace had finished speaking with our priest he said to her, "Go and get your brother. I wanna to talk to him" So she took the boy to Father and Father said , "Joseph, I want you to start serving at Mass, will you do it?" But Joseph said no so  Father asked again , "Well I want you to do it so will you?" ( Father has plans for the boy and thinks Joseph will become a priest but he's wrong, the boy told me he wants to be a train driver.)  Joseph reluctantly said yes but when we got into the car he began to cry and say, "I don't know how to serve, I can't do it!" What if I fall or make a fire in the church? ( The boy has anxiety issues too.) I told him I would help so when we got back home I put a lit candle on a cardboard pole and he practiced walking back and forth in our hall while entrance songs played on YouTube and yeah, there was candle wax everywhere.  Joseph did end up serving and after Mass when he got into the car he said, "I loved it, when can I do it again!?" (Naturally he loved it, everyone wants a piece of  the alter space for themselves.) I told the boy  he would be serving a lot during the summer because I 'm  going to daily mass and he will be joining me. ( I also have plans for the boy.) Rose asked her dad when would she be able to serve but he basically told her it isn't going to happen however I've got some service plans for her as well  but sadly they're not as fun but they're super important.
Pictured above; My blog administrator is on the right and our son is on the left- what you can see of him.


Lola said...

Are you married to Colin Firth?

Your kids have good looking parents.

BTW, your Joseph will make a wonderful server. And an awesome Engineer. (My dad is an Electrical engineer, imagine my disapointment as a kid when I found out he didn't drive Electric Trains!)

My oldest girl has been asked more than once to be an "altar server" and I told her as soon as the Holy Father ordains women, she can be one.

belinda said...

Hi Lola, Did you have a nice Easter with your family?
My husband is a very sweet man but he doesn't have a sense of humor. He thinks he does though.

Rose feels left out but she will work for the poor and she'll acquire self esteem and pride in herself when she does. It's not flashy but so what.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

You're a great Mom...
You never know, with a name like Joseph (he's our patron here) you just never know if Jesus will call him to be a priest!

belinda said...

Father, Thank you for you kind comment , I would disagree however. Every night before I nod off to sleep I consider what I'd said for the day, and what I had failed to say or do for that day, and what I shouldn't have said or done for that same day. The problem is that when ever I sin I usually have at least one to several people watching me- and for the last 30 years. I hope I don't go to hell when I die, however I deserve it and I wont have any grounds to protest upon. One thing is for sure though. I try to parent the very best I can and unlike school work where your best effort is reflected in the grade you receive, with parenting you can be the best parent in the world and produce failures or you can be a total failure as a parent and your children can survive and thrive anyway. I think God's grace is 90% of parenting. If I do anything correctly - I love them fiercely. I've learned parenting from my husband who is nearly the perfect parent.
Kate asked me how your sister is doing and I told her I would ask.

Thank you Father.

belinda said...

Lola !
I found a lip color at Walmart that only cost about $8.00 as compared to the Estee Lauder which was about $27.ish. I have worn cover girl Outlast all day lip color #556 for the entire day and I am pleased with the quality and I didn't think I would be. It seems to be just as good. In fact I think I like the color better and I didn't have to pay for any attitude. Attitude is expensive. The product has stayed on all day! Now I need some wrinkle cream!!! hahaha And some lipo because the gym is tooooo hard! Those darn sit ups!!

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

belinda: Thanks for asking about my sister; she's doing fine; on chemo and I just saw her for her birthday (Wednesday)...please keep her in your prayers. And many, many thanks.
And as for your parenting--believe me, as a superior in a community, I do understand; I probably have a lot to account for; I put it all into the Merciful Heart of Jesus and ask His constant help, forgiveness, and example. As a parent, you can do no different; Jesus is so wonderful. He knows; we have all kinds of everything to deal with; somehow, He works it all out. I don't say this with presumption, but with faith and hope that He will make good what I have "screwed up"...blessings to you, dear!

Nan said...

Belinda, Rose can always iron.

I always buy Clinique products when they have a bonus. I get to try new products and they keep me updated on makeup colors or I'd wear the same blue eyeshadow that I did in 1972.

Just kidding. I wasn't old enough to wear makeup in 1972. If I was? I'd be wearing the same blue eyeshadow if not for Clinique.