Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sister I know how you feel, I couldn't believe it either.
So many people seem to have lost their senses of boundaries.

I took two of my three teenagers who don't like me very much shopping and when you shop with teens you can expect you'll be working  off some of your accumulated purgatory time. Teens are rarely satisfied with the things their parents buy for them and they like to express this fact much to the distress of their parents who really do try to please them even though they mostly think we're here to ruin run their lives. To make matters worse many of our clothing options were either, mildly trashy, overtly slutty and how much would you pay to......  too expensive , poor quality or "You expect a kid to wear this!?"
  (Sometimes young minds confuse trashy with beauty ( Think- Dolly Parton fashion) and they're unable to differentiate between the two, so you could imagine there was conflict.)

I saw a very large young man wearing glasses and jean shorts down to his knees which nearly touched the top of his tube socks strolling through the lingerie department with his sister, mother girlfriend, wife or significant other and all the while looking at bras and  making suggestions about style, comfort, and fit. He made himself at home and commented about everything she looked at as she  asked for his opinion  repeatedly. (Which in MY opinion wasn't worth squat.) Naturally I wanted to hurl right then and there but not wanting to cause a scene I simply gave him the death stare, and my personal favorite- The "WTH" is your problem", stare.
I don't ever want to see  men in the ladies department. I don't care if your with your wife, grandmother or best buddy. You don't belong there and what would you know about comfort and fit? If you want to buy these things for you wife order it on line.  Now if your ordering online for yourself, your brother in law, your mom or even for your girlfriend then I still have a problem with you but then that would  be an entirely  different post.
As we were walking out, a woman was all excited with my Maria and said to her, "Your so sweet , what a nice person you are!" and I grabbed Maria's face and said, "Okay Maria, wha'd ya do?! But she said, "Nothing." The store manager pointed and said, "She gave her seat to that old man over there!"  He smiled at me as I said to him, "Geese, I'm spending my retirement on Catholic schools , thanks be to God, today I got some of my moneys worth." (He wasn't looking for bras either. He sat in a chair and minded his own business - like a real man who waits to find out what his wife bought when she gets home - Like a Christmas present.)

*I noticed that men tend to put their hands behind their back when confronted with these sort of situations. The man at the store did this same thing -when he didn't have his hands all over the merchandise.


Paul Bernacchio said...

I absolutely love your blog. I have put a link to it from mine. Absolutely true every word you have said. A Stranger in A Strange Land -

belinda said...

Thank you Mr Paul.

Therese said...

lol. I am just about to take my 13 year old shopping for clothes. So far, no immodest things have been looked at by her thank goodness but she has bought a few things and then only warn them once. This drives me insane. We have our list ready and I may post tonight about shopping with my teen too.

belinda said...

Good luck Mum.

Clothing, food, electrical waste etc...all drive me crazy.

swissmiss said...

My kids are so far OK with the underwear I buy long at they have mass marketed characters, like Scooby Doo, on them.

Years ago I was at Target trying to buy a bra. During high school and college, I had worked at Target so picking out their plain clothed security people wasn't too hard. Anyway, it was the middle of the day so things were slow at this Target. As I tried to shop for a bra, hanging out on the other side of the rack was a security guy, attempting to be all super secret and blend in. Of course this was the bra area, so the guy was not the brightest bulb thinking be would go unnoticed here. For a few minutes, I looked at bras, but finally looked him straight in the eye and told him as long as he was watching me, there was NO WAY I was going to pick out a bra. I left. He stood there, surprised he was so transparent. Now they just have oodles of cameras to watch you on.

Enbrethiliel said...


Now I feel guilty for giving my mother a hard time when she would take my teenage self shopping. But we had slightly different dynamics: she was a fashionista who wanted me to look like my mother could afford to buy me more than rags and I had such a bad self-image that I believed putting nice clothes on me would be like putting lipstick on a pig.

PS--My captcha is "gories"! Which describes what shopping with me was like!

belinda said...

"I believed putting nice clothes on me would be like putting lipstick on a pig."


Such a terrible thing to think! No matter how you had looked or felt about yourself you were worth all of the fuss. You are a daughter of the most high God! Don't ever forget that. I wish every person felt as though they were special and knew that they mean the world to God.
Your mom was so good to take care of you. There are mothers don't and even when they have the means.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Swissy: LOL!

Belinda: What ever happened to the guy just waiting in the car or on some couch or bench somewhere for his woman to finish shopping?

Vincenzo said...

"What ever happened to the guy just waiting in the car or on some couch or bench somewhere for his woman to finish shopping?"

I know! I couldn't stand being dragged to those stores as a kid - by mom, grandma, sister. Stopping to stare at EVERYTHING, for hours. Drove me bonkers. Still can't stand it!

ignorant redneck said...

Gee--I don't know what to say about this one!

I by and large do not like to go shopping for foundation garments with the women in my life. There was one exception--whom I was once married to--who would bring me along just to watch my reaction to various items. She wouldn't buy anything, but a few days later she would be--ahem--gift wrapped in something she had seen me react well to.

As for your illustration, I thought of two things. The contrasting expressions on the faces of the sisters and the middle aged guys cracked me up. We guys are pretty visula, and we don't out grow it, we just learn to behave, usually. The other thing was the power dynamic involved: Every one was reacting to Ms. Liberated Exhibitionist. She was using her body, exposing it, simply to manipulated and intrude upon the interior world and process of those around her. Perhaps that's one of the most immodest things about it!

Of course, she need grooming lessons on hair etc.

belinda said...

Red, I agree with your observation. I thought the same thing. Manipulation was the perfect word.

If I was this sister I would have slapped the nude woman on the a#s as I walked by and sister could have gotten by with it -just like a mother. Oh, baby I'd a slapped her. Then turned to the men who should have overted their eyes. As you could have guessed, I have trouble fitting into this world.