Thursday, April 5, 2012

An uhappy meal

In the news, a prostitute works out a deal with an undercover cop for two double cheese burgers off of the value meal at McDonald's. At first I laughed until I got to thinking about the hypocrisy of the situation when I realized that women do this all of the time, as many have gone home with men who've simply bought them a drink at a bar or maybe even with men who've taken them out for a date then back to his place. Many people laugh at whores while they've done the very same thing only they called it dating. I suppose it's all about terminology. Pagans always blame Christians for their hypocrisy but really they're no better........ Then I reflect upon Christ who dearly loved the prostitute though he didn't think much of hypocrites.

*Above photo is of a couple on a blind date.


Adoro said...

Actually...that's the exact argument pro-prostitution proponents (those who want to legalize prostitution) use for their lobby. They claim the same exact scenarios.

But it's NOT the same: women who have sex with their dates aren't just looking for sex or to "give it away". They're looking for more.

Women in prostitution are looking for money, or are forced into it on behalf of someone else getting money, or they are just being exploited because they have become so damaged whether through childhood trauma, abuse, other things.

It's more about the intended ends, and yes, the sin still ends up being the same; it is the intent that makes it all more complicated than it appears to be on the surface. (I've worked with women and men in prostitution in both Mexico and the US and can assure you...what prostitutes suffer is NOT what most women are doing even when their date ends in sex.)

Terry Nelson said...

Saturday night:

Prayers for you and your family Belinda, that you may be safe from all harm caused by the weekend storms.

God bless you!

belinda said...

Terry, we're all okay. Thank you for your prayers. We needed them. I will talk to you tomorrow.

Adoro, I haven't forgotten about your response.

Terry Nelson said...

Good to hear - I was really worried. Continued prayers for everyone

belinda said...

Terry here's two comments from one of our wedding guests who had no idea that it was you who held back that frightening weather. I'm teasing you but to be honest I really was scared when I saw how black those clouds were and I had heard about the damage they had done in other areas.
A guest wrote on my fb page- It was an absolutely wonderful wedding! Didn't you notice how the Divine Mercy of Christ cleared the weather for us here in Topeka!!!!
-the weather could have been terrible, as a result of much prayer and Divine Mercy Sunday weekend, we only had the strong WINDS!

Thank you Terry!! Oh, snd Jesus!

belinda said...

I liked your other photo better.

belinda said...

Hi Adoro,
Prostitutes know that sex isn't love, it's simply a business transaction and the sexual act doesn't mean any more than that. They know that the outcome isn't going to produce real love nor affection and they expect some sort of compensation in return.(Stupid secret service!)

To me that's what makes this sickly amusing and full of hypocrisy because people looking for love should be capable of understanding what the prostitute understands, after all people always consider the prostitute to be beneath their intellect and social class.
I enjoy bantering the idea of intent in my head, it makes me think about the people who've tried to unbaptise each other or who've unblessed roads or objects. I don't believe you can remove the power of a blessing such as an imprint left by a Catholic priest, yet the intent, in the end, can still send you were you don't wanna go. (I shouldn't laugh but I do. People thrusting themselves head long into pain is funny for some weird reason.)