Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carmel brings me presents, but please no rattlesnakes!!

I had this dream about a cat. I dreamt that I was petting it, and I even KISSED it's head. When I woke up I laughed ,and said "Dear God, like that would ever happen". I have always hated cats because they made me sneeze, wheeze, and whirl. I use to make fun of cat ladies, now I am the cat lady. When someone dumped a cat in my yard, I refused to let it just die, so I fed the poor thing. Of course it was a female, and of course it had 7 kittens. I kept two kittens, and the mom. I really love cats, and I don't sneeze , and wheeze anymore. Go figure - I was a closet cat person all along.

I will try to be more open to change Lord , but change really scares me.

Check out Simon's cat.

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