Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How do you like your slurpee?

I just filled up my mini van with gas. The same mini van that I am continually misplacing in parking lots. It doesn't help that the car is the same color as the pavement. I always put a kid in charge of remembering where I parked it. My idea works out fine unless the children are smacking each other around , and are not paying attention to me. Which is usually the case.

I schizophrenically digress..... so I fill up my car ,and it cost $2.19 per gallon. (don't start sweating, it isn't going to be one of those math word problems here)

And I say out loud "thanks , God!" Slurpee's for everyone!!!

If oil prices continue to go down ,then those Saudi boys are going to have to get real jobs where they actually break a sweat , instead of just sucking their wealth from the ground. Now my next thought was ,"how low can it go?"


Watch Mr.Terry, over at Abby roads do the limbo, he is amazing, simply breath taking ,and super agile too. Watch him here with a couple of his nice Catholic blogger buddies.

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