Monday, November 3, 2008

I am an "Election Official" ,and will not be blogging on Tuesday.

I am also a bathroom official, a kitchen official, and an official of anything else that needs to be done around here, but that doesn't include "pest removal".
Last spring Ana came home from school , and began to tell me that more election workers were needed , and I said to myself hum... I would only have to work twice a year- every 4 years.
No kids either- a plus! ( I actually will hold your precious child, if you come in my line, while you vote)
I thought it would be like library work , you know something like ... the line forms here,
and I would repeat phrases like- "take it outside", "no talking" ," keep your eyes on your own paper", etc , but no. I will be turning computers on ,and off, and taking names ,
and escorting people to their computers to vote.
We have some of the newest voting machines in the nation ( so does parts of Florida) ,
and I don't see any room for cheating.
Our people have integrity , and they are trustworthy, both the Democrats ,and the Republicans . We will work an 15-16 hour day . for about $115.00 (that's like $3.00 per hr. I don't do math, and that money might buy me the view-master reels of Europe, and South America!!)
Tomorrow night half of our workers will be bummed. I hope that it's not me!!
I may actually cry.
God bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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