Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I wonder if this crap still works?

The last 8 track cartridge produced was Fleet wood Mac's greatest hits.
Our parents had dozens of these things .
That's where my brother ,and I learned about "Eric Clapton's- cream", Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach. (he's from Kansas City)
Herb Albert, the 5th dimension, and Anne Murray.
I never took a cartridge apart, now I wish I would have.
Wikipedia says' s that there were bootlegged cartridges produced in Mexico as late as 1995.
(That cracks me up!- Talk about a lack of vision, a poor sense of timing, and people with a good dose of denial, but a people of apparent determination)
Whoa be to the poor soul at our house, who put a cartridge into the player ,
and the player ate the tape. Your only solution would have been to run like hell, or hide. Ultimately it was always best to "look" busy. Our dear mother would take the fall for us. We love you Mom , and thanks! Yeah, we love you too Dad , but yikes, did you have to make that hard too?
This isn't my photo. I hate stuff, and I don't save anything that doesn't seem to have a future.


Melody K said...

My parents had a 1980's land-yacht Chrysler with an 8-track deck. When my kids used to go for rides with them, Mom would put on her Roger Miller tapes. The kids loved him; "King of the Road", "Don't Go Skating in a Buffalo Herd", and all the rest.

Belinda said...

I keep thinking of Tom Jones singing "it's so unusual".
I was 8 ish when he was on TV. I have been a strange person all of my life. I remember that I was shocked by his behavior ,and that of his audience members.
I am a total genetic fluke of nature. I was the only religious person in my family,and as a young child I swore that I would grow up ,and become "Catholic" I was 5 when I made that decision..........Until one day, one by one- I finally caught them too!!!!