Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's all GEEK to me.

Sarah's boyfriend spent the night at our house last night. We let him do this occasionally because he lives in a land far, far away. Now I know what your thinking , refer to my brain diagram, and don't even think about it. No way in hell, it ain't gonna happen.

So Sarah prepares breakfast for him. We love that because we get to eat his scraps. Unfortunately for us we have to eat what he likes which is chocolate chip pancakes, with eggs, and with a good dose of love.( keep in mind that I detest eggs, do you know where they come from?)
I am given two eggs that were crunchy on the outside, and raw on the inside, and we begin to make small talk. I talk small- they talk big. I said, to them, I don't feel very well today. I scrubbed my hall floor like "Cinderella " yesterday , and I was up- sick ,and sore last night. SO her Doctor boyfriend says's to me. Do you mind if I talk to you like a geek, I say um, yeah , sure go ahead, Sarah has given us years of preparation, we're primed so to speak. He says's let me tell you why you are so sore. It's because of the lactic acid that was produced in the muscles that you normally don't use. There was an over production of lactic acid ,and your body doesn't know what to do with all of it. ....,and as he continued speaking to me my mind went blank -all I could think about was that girl from Ipanema song. Da, Da, Da Dadadada da,da , but he never knew. As I struggled to choke down those nasty eggs Sarah pipes in "well ,then how does this lactic acid effect the body when rigimortis sets in ?........yeah -"During breakfast - I began thinking- geese, If your dead I guess it doesn't really matter much if your sore anymore, and I thought- I gotta get outta here. I'm gonna have a geeky brain explosion. Which would be fine ,cause he's a doctor, except for the fact that he doesn't like gore ,which totally cracks me up.

As I excuse myself from the kitchen , I say a prayer to God, thank you God, thank you so very much. These two people are perfect for each other, and we love them both.
Neither one of them think that I'm very funny. They generally just stare blankly at me ,and in a confused manner.

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