Thursday, November 20, 2008

My new word for the day..... Textrovert


1. One who feels an increased sense of bravery over texting, as opposed to in person.

2. One who will often only say what they really feel over text messages.
Example- Kelly: "So how'd the conversation go with Bill last night?"

Wendy: "Ah he's such a textrovert. We didn't make any progress until I went home and he spilled his guts over texts."

*This is so "me" when it concerns blogging. I think....... I am not really talking to anybody in here!


Terry Nelson said...

I finally found your blog! You don't look nuts? LOL!

belinda said...

BUT ,we both know I am .
Your not going to write long winded "war,and peace" length replies are you. I hate that. :)

I wonder if you might get a chuckle of my vision of hell post.

I have 100 posts today.

I keep thinking about myself-
"Christ gave sight to the blind ,and he made the dumb speak, modern translation - Belinda blogs.

My real goal is to evangelize to my children. They're quiet ,but I know they are listening.

Thanks for teaching me how to blog ,and for pushing me to do it.
None of it on purpose of course.

Adrienne said...

You are talking to people - oh yes you are!!! They just don't always admit to listening...

belinda said...

I am talking to God, people just happen to be listening.

You are both very kind souls.

Adrienne said...

Well I am - I'm not so sure about Terry (only kiiiiiding!)