Sunday, November 2, 2008

My own "personal hell"

I was thinking about what hell might be like for me ,
and here are my conclusions.......

My hell would look like the bar scene from "Star Wars".
I hate science fiction, so Gene Roddenberry would be my door greeter- if Mr. Roddenberry went to heaven , - worse yet , it would then be Gene Simmons from KISS greeting me.
I would be naked , and there would be tiny "LEGO'S everywhere (they hurt like hell when you step on them) ,and because I have social anxiety, I would be required to give speeches adding to my sufferings , and the suffering souls around me.

Those Folsom street fair boys would be there with their leather items, only they wouldn't be gay anymore, ( their personal hell intertwines with mine.)
There would be mountains of laundry, with no washing machines,
and the little demons would demand that I launder their favorite blue shirts,
but imagine my horror when I notice that the blue shirt that they want is on the bottom of the blue -laundry mountain.
I would be required to "sew" stuff. using complicated patterns , that read.... Place piece "A" together with piece "C" only after you sew piece "A", and "D" together , but not before you place piece"B" on the fold of piece "D" but not before you cut ,and sew pieces "A" ,and "e" on the fold , with the nap...... Nap?? yeah, I wanna nap. (You get the picture)

Nothing would fit together , not patterns, puzzles, machines, nothing - no order only chaos.

All of Satan's photos would be hung crooked ,and must continually be re-aliened. My O.C.D. would kill me.The little devils would leave their candy wrappers everywhere, and their underwear too, and I will also have to clean their dirty dishes, but only after I hunt for them in the garage, yard, and bathrooms. (I know, who eats in the bathroom?)
The little boy demons never - EVER hit the water when they go, so I would be cleaning that up- say 6 times a day . (just like home)
My set of "view-master" reels would be damaged from the "hell fires" smoke, causing me to have to re list them on E-Bay ,and noting -"Comes from a smokers home"-there by depreciating their value drastically .My reels would have missing frames too , and the reels that I would be forced to view would be the porn reels that I have complained about to the sellers over on EBay.
These same sellers would then feel "it's payback time".

I would be required to balance my checkbook, and I could no longer "take the bank's word for it", and it would never balance . There would be huge sums of money in the account , because they know that I don't really need it then.
My yard would look like hell, and nothing would grow for me. (Just like now)
In Hell , I would receive letters in the mail, that read- "Warning" , from the Office of the Commissioner, from the Kansas department of education concerning one of your children.

I would get phone calls from people who say "Is this Belinda ?", I say "yeah" ,and he says's "this is officer Meyers ,and your kids have just been in a car accident." (someone just kill me - Again)
I would get terrible calls from the hospital too- about test results , or worse yet , they would say
"you better get down here!"
But my two greatest sufferings in hell would be my separation from God who had created me for himself . Both God , and I would be heartbroken- forever,
and secondly If I saw anyone of my children, husband or family members there in hell with me ,
then I would just want to die. Again, and Again.

Go to Mass, Go to confession, say your prayers, do what God calls you to do today , don't wait .

*public disclaimer, I am not judging where other souls will go when they die. I don't have a clue.

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