Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Satan is the father of lies. Remember?

Your brain space belongs completely ,and entirely to you. You decide what goes into your brain. You decide how it will think ,and the people, and things that it will think about. You have control over your thoughts, they are yours, and yours alone. This is your own personal space, a gift from God. Yeah, I get the stuff about temptation, mental illness, and possession, but ultimately your in charge up there, and if you haven't been , then it's time to take control.

Now, does it make any sense to give Satan , and his plans the slightest amount of space in your brain, or even a second thought. Do you think that you could stop him anyway? Yeah , sure prayers help- a lot, but he is still stealing from God, he is stealing you.

He is stealing your thoughts , and your time away from God. You can give Satan all of your time , and brain space worrying if you choose to, but why?

If suffering is a part of your future , why then participate in it until your called up for duty? After God prepares your heart ,and soul. You can't battle alone, and you don't fight until your called up, and you don't plot strategies with pretend analogies, and of pretend circumstances, you wait for the real thing to start, then God gives you instructions.

Nothing will happen to you that God wouldn't allow, and what he does allow will strengthen , and build up his kingdom, and build up you too. If God didn't think that you couldn't handle what comes your way ,then don't you think that he could have made you live in a different time, and place? God doesn't make mistakes , we are all in place , just where he wants us to be. Unless your living in sin somewhere, and now would be a good time to re-think that too.

God Love's you, more than you ,love you, so know that he is completely in charge, and he will prepare you for what ever lies ahead for you , and for your families.

Do not fear any man, only God. Obama's white house sits on land that God owns, and Obama will live there only if God allows it. Sure Pagans voted him in, but God has dealt with Pagans before, and God was very successful each, and every time.
Why dwell on the things of the future? Things that may or may not even happen.
God is still fully in charge.

With some of the blogs that I have been reading it sounds as though people are ready to fold ,and we haven't even begun playing this new game yet. Cooler heads prevail, use your minds ,and not your emotions, and beat the hell out of them with your prayers. Keep your heart's and minds focused upon God, give Satan none of your time, and remember, this world is only temporary, WE WIN IN THE END!!!!


LeoRufus said...

"We win in the end"
Yes this is true, and I am trying to remember this.

Belinda said...

Yeah Leo, We're gonna have victory flags ,and trumpets, with the coolest dramatic special effects ever seen by mankind.
Know it!
Some days I can hardly wait.