Saturday, November 22, 2008

Word for the day. "Preponse"

To respond to a question before it is finished, often confusing the asker.
Example- Wendy: So are you avail- Jimmy: No. (Presponse) Wendy: -ible Monday? (silence) Wendy: Are you?
Some of the words over at urban dictionary are awful. I post only the words that I think are funny, or interesting . I clean it up , then post it. I always find myself cleaning up after others.
It's what I do.


Vincenzo said...

Good morning. I'm craving crepes w/ maple syrup.

Belinda said...

Oh, my stars. I was just thinking about you because I was eating my waffles over my keyboard again, and I thought..
"You know Lord when we sin we always think that the outcome will be different somehow ,but it never is.
Outcomes are just shaken with a twist, but ultimately they are still the same.

Example: Oh, I would never dribble syrup over the space bar again so it's okay to eat there!!
(it was the mouse this time- very sticky)

Vincenzo said...

I'm eating a turkey sandwich next to my keyboard now.. but.. I'm holding my plate further away :)
Still craving crepes! Waffles sound good too though.
I can't stop eating - I think it could be a tape worm.