Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Elizabeth likes to draw. In fact people are going to pay her a lot of money to draw.

Elizabeth ,I thought seriously about buying a cow, and pasturing it in the neighbors field. I thought it should be a dairy cow , because of the high cost of a gallon of milk it's unbelievable, but after thinking this through further I realized that I would be the one to milk it every 6 hours- in the rain ,and snow, and if we raised it for the meat then our family wouldn't eat it. Especially after Grace named it "Sparky", and cared for it like an "Amish" woman. Joseph would want to play "fetch" with it,and let it sleep in the garage, and I am sure that Rose would try to ride it. Poor Maria would be stuck feeding it, like she does with ANA'S DOG that ANA left behind for us. You know Grace can't wait to join an "Amish" convent, or create her own "Catholamish" village. Much like "Silver Dollar City" only uber "Catholic", and without the fun rides.(Grace hasn't heard about "Familyland" yet,shhh) I say a week or so of cow milking ,and that whole idea would be settled once ,and for all.
Elizabeth- This cow looks like it has "Mad cow disease".


Vincenzo said...

Cool animation. To make it fit, you can try this..

Right now in your embed code you have:

width="580" height="370"

Change that to:

width="400" height="255"

Belinda said...

I tried to do what you said, but it said ERROR in RED,- appeared angry, and nearly hurt my feelings.

Vincenzo said...

How dare it hurt you.
Oh maybe change the "580" in this part to 400 too:

"rgb(247, 243, 247); width: 580px;"

Hold on... I'll test it on my blog..

Yeah OK I previewed it via my blog and a nice 400 pixel wide cow appeared - the right width.

Belinda said...

That seriously took me 39 minutes to do. How sorry is that!!!
I just learned to send an email last Marchish'. I am way behind everyone else.
Thanks for the help. BTW - do you know how to remove the "Tools" from my blog. Do you even see them or is it just on my screen?

Vincenzo said...

The tools are only visible to you. Log out or use another browser to see it as others do.