Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guess who gets to help the Mayor celebrate the city's Christmas tree lighting ceremony?

My dear husband Paul does. He will be in disguise though. I have to make some repairs on the "suit". His belt loops , and zipper are torn, he's really fat ya know. I also need to fluff his white hair. I have finished with his beard repairs yesterday , but those loose hairs poking his face are going to drive him crazy. Paul said that the event would last for about two hours with approximately a thousand people in attendance. I said "yikes" that's a lot of children , you had better budget about four hours for the event .
He replied back to me in his outdoor voice - "NO IT WONT TAKE FOUR HOURS !" . Now that wasn't a very "Santa" like attitude mister.

Last year when Joseph figured out that Daddy was Santa he got really mad at us. Since then Joseph knows that "Santa" is the guy that helps out at the mall, but he's not the real "Saint Nick".

*BTW The ceremony will be on the news tomorrow night .

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