Monday, December 8, 2008

Kindergarten art project.

The instructions were as follows-
Have each person in your family put their hand prints on your family project, and tell a little bit about each member. Then tell us what your family "Christmas traditions" are.
After three days I couldn't do anymore.
Our children drew everything on felt , and I cut the pieces from their drawings,
and I glued them together.
We were shooting for the "Granny" Christmas sweater look." Who doesn't love a Granny
in an overly embellished Christmas sweater?
Especially if she has cookies or candies with her.


Melody K said...

I like it!

Belinda said...

Thank you. I will tell our children what you said.

Vincenzo said...

That is so cool. Great job!

Belinda said...

Vincenzo, couldn't you just picture a sweet granny wearing this to Mass ?
our 10 year old- Rose loves the compliments, she drew all of the deer. Thank you.

Vincenzo said...

Yeah! Wow she's talented!

Adrienne said...


Belinda said...

Elizabeth our second daughter is in Los Angeles. She is in film school, studying animation. Rose said that she will follow in Elizabeth's footsteps we'll see.
I can't wait until Elizabeth comes home for Christmas. She will fill us in on all of the movie industry gossip - I never repeat gossip, but I do ask about it.
-I know :)

Lola said...

This is a beautiful craft!
That Granny Christmas Sweater is a Great look for the Door!

Did you find the instructions on-line?

This is a treasure and the kids will remember this forever!

Belinda said...

Lola it came from my twisted mind. Just like all of my crazy ideas, they flow like water. I can't keep up.