Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New York will begin to tax soda, and breathing.

Well then, are you going to tax Kool - aid too? It's the same thing only without the fizz - If the taxes become too steep will people begin to circumvent the taxes by drinking water or by making their own soda? I don't think so.
Most people don't grow their own tobacco, and I don't understand why they don't. Making homemade cigarettes is a snap, and the cost in savings is unbelievable. I don't smoke , but I watched a man make his own cigarettes when I was a child, and as a teen I watched other teens roll their own cigarettes, but they weren't regular cigarettes ,and they were "Artists" so it was okay. ;)
I still wanna learn how to make homemade root beer. Did you know that root beer, and wintergreen flavorings are pretty much the same flavor?

* I actually find this stuff darn interesting. I know that I am boring my three'ish readers, but I'm loving it .

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