Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Telly Savalas - Attempts "Catholic theology"

I know what Mr.Savalas has just said , but I have the translation here for you, and this is what he meant by what he said.
He likes to paint ships -thousands of 'em.
He wants to paint your face , you know just like the creepy guy at your local "carnival".
Once Telly found the one true Catholic faith then where else would he go?
I am home Jesus . If I don't hear you knock then try ringing the bell, or try the side door- just get in.
And when our love for life is running dry. Much like many of Christs followers who endured seasons of spiritual drought. Jesus waits patiently for us.
No greater love does a man have for another than to give his life for his fellow man just as Christ had done for us.
I once tried to bilocate, just like Padre Pio, but I wasn't very good at it. I really can't be two places at once.
Jesus is waiting for us tomorrow ,and today , he's the Alpha, and the Omega.
Our Angels wait beside us - all the way.
It looks like the world is spinning out of control, maybe this "Armageddon" thing just might pan out after all.
Gosh the world might even stop revolving, spinning slowly down to die. I think that if this happens I should spend the end with you after we run like heck to Mass or to confession- what ever we can get, and one by one when the stars all fall down and crash just like they did to the people of Sodom -we will simply fly away....
end translation.

Very nice Mr.Savalas , now please put on a shirt , and smoking is really , really bad for you.

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