Monday, December 29, 2008

We went to the "Kansas State Capitol" in Topeka today.

Exterior work is being done to the south side of the capitol.

This room is the Kansas State Senate.

This one is of the Kansas State house.

Below is a wall mural in need of much repair.

A view from from the rotunda below looking up.
See the glass on the ceiling? We are going to walk the narrow staircase behind the ceiling up to the top of the dome.

We are in the middle of our frightening , and long journey to the top.

We are getting closer to the top.

Here we are looking down- from where we began our journey.
See that Christmas tree below? Many years ago, (back in the 1970's) a mentally handicapped woman entered the building, and climbed five flights of stairs , then jumped to her death.
Some people believe that they can still hear her moan on occasion.
Some of the railing beside the Christmas tree had to be replaced.

We are looking back at one of the staircases , notice that we are above the glass ceiling.
Which is now gated off.
Before it was gated, tourists would climb even higher to write their names onto the steel skeletal framework that Carnegie built.
Our guide said that the building was built to last for two thousand years.
She also said that people would use the dome glass for a indoor slide. I can't believe the faith that these people would have had in a piece of glass that kept them from a five or six story fall which would have led to their death.
This is a staircase that leads to another winding staircase that leads to the outside of the Kansas State Capitol Dome. Which leads to nausea , and fear.

This winding staircase leads to an outdoor platform . I was unable to climb this myself. I wish that I would have sent my camera up with the children.

There was old graffiti everywhere. People would even scale the steel beams to write their names so that we could remember forever how stupid they were. ;)

This is a closeup view of the south side of the building. I heard that they have run out of money to do the North side.

The Kansas State Capitol entrance.
It's below the staircase on the right , and tucked away.
Notice the barricade over the front entrance.

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Fr. Scott Brossart, SOLT said...

The people sliding down the glass windows didn't have faith... they had a lot of stupidity.