Saturday, January 24, 2009

The FDA allows first test of human stem cell therapy.

It's very sad , sick , and twisted that we have begun to use unwanted portions of our population, that have been murdered through abortions to try to heal other people who are broken or who are hurting in some way.
We do love , and hold dear our fellow citizens who are hurting,
we don't want anyone to suffer, and
we do have compassion for these people, but we must find a better way.
How long can a Nation that cannibalizes it's self survive for ?
The really scary thing is that these 50 million-plus aborted souls do have a voice,
but they're not where you can hear them.
They are demanding justice with their many voices in the presence of God,
and those numbers are only of Americans.
The death toll through abortion for the entire world
becomes so high that the true number can only be known to God,
and I promise -God knows about each , and every one of them.
God will answer their prayers for justice.
This slope is so very slippery , you can't come back.
.......Also consider for a moment what wont they put "people" in?

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