Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The new television programming scheduled for the fall.

of -1968


LeoRufus said...

Yesterday I asked one of the staff in my office not to play RAP music in the office. She walked out and went home in a huff. I even used the word "Please" as in "Please don't play rap music in the office, it is not appropriate in a professional setting". Maybe I will recommend this music to the office manager as a more suitable alternative.

The aggrieved assistant is all of 19 years old. Her grandmother is the administrator - we know why she has that job. We can do nothing about it.

Belinda, your children give me hope for the future, a belief that not everyone under 40 has a belly button piercing, a tattoo on their back just above the waistband of their hip hugger jeans, and human papilloma virus before age 14. Keep up the good mothering.

Jesus save us, our nation is degenerating rapidly.

Belinda said...

Thank you Leo, that was very kind of you to say. You shouldn't have tatoos or piercings,when you enter into the convent- right? All of you Saintly Stigmata types are excluded of course. :0
Elizabeth did pierce her nose in the bathroom once. She had to know that I would notice that! The fecal matter hit the rotating device. Oh, and about that hole- it healed over nicely. Kids do stupid stuff without thinking, and
Paul is the better parent.

Padre Scott SOLT said...

That rocked my world and made my day. Thanks Belinda.

Belinda said...

Your welcome Father, so your a fan of Lawrence Welk too?

Belinda said...

I like to tease my husband I always tell him that he's still living back in the 1960's ,and he thinks that the Lawrence Welk show is part of the new season "line up"