Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No computer time for Belinda today- (after this ;)

I have to give up the computer for a full 24 hours.
( shh-penance)
Dear God, I will have to talk to find another way to talk to you today.
Say , what's your phone number ?
I know the others guys number, it has a lot of six's in it.


Adrienne said...

That's not penance - that's hell...

belinda said...

Yeah , it was tough. Those Benedictine priests dont mess around. Next time I will go to my own confessor- he only gives me an hour. ;)
Mr.Nelson said that I am not allowed to shop around for a priest that gives an easier penance.
It cracks me up when the priests ask me if the penance that they gave me was okay- like I have a choice. They always seem to be ready to debate the matter. They must have a lot of people who do this.