Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Inconvenient Health Care System -The Book - By Thomas Andrew Daschle

INCREDIBLE ! I found a video of Mr.Dashcle's dream that he had last night.
He was being honored as the "Special Guest" for a parade ceremony. The people who were supporting him were thrilled with his new health care ideas.
Some people have really exciting dreams ,and lives. Did you know that Mr.Dashcle married "Miss Kansas" of 1976 - a dream come true I'm sure.
- Probably a nightmare for his first wife though - just guessing.

I hope that Mr.Daschle hasn't started retrofitting a room to display his "Academy Award" for best Documentary Feature, and his award for "best Original Song", also for his "Humanitas" Prize, and for the "Stanley Kramer Award" ,and the award for "The Society for Technical Communication" , and lastly for his "Nobel Peace Prize" just yet.
( Mr.Gore, I hope that your awards are stored safely in a climate controlled - Eco friendly environment)

*All I can think about is a health care system that functions like the department of motor vehicles, and then I sorta feel sick. I have a bad feeling that they're gonna give us all a rectal thermometer.

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