Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Modern day mortifications. Day 1

During this Lenten season ,
I will post a modern day mortification for each day.
Although my silly penances , and sacrifices, are pretty stupid, and meaningless,
I am hopeful that if practiced in a "bulk" type fashion that they might actually become meaningful to Jesus in some way.
Day 1
Answering the telephone, and it's someone who hates you, and they have called to remind you.
*To sweeten this type of pain maybe I could call them first.


ignorant redneck said...

"Qunatity has a quality all it's own"--Joseph Stalin

"Offer it up!"--Sr. Mary Magdalen Wilhelm. (my all time favorite mean bitchy nun--I hope she's still praying for me!

"you go for it, Sis(ter in christ)"--I.R.

PS--"offer it up but relish the cact that you're the bigger person"--IRs daughter

Belinda said...

Thanks Red.

Did you give that poor Nun something to be crabby about?