Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Google - Oh, no not you too ? Google taking a step into power metering.

Of all of the people that are scurrying about vying for the position of world dominator. Who'da thought that a small company with a silly name like google that's only been around since September 4, 1998 would play such a big part in the "domination" scheme.
They have my e-mail. They have Google Maps, and Google Mobile photos of my home, and yard , and my exact street address too. Yet it's not enough for them they want my medical records, and they want to know the exact usage of electricity that we use.

What's a girl to do? I guess that I could start by pulling the power cord.
You just know that the Antichrist will use the computer with ease , and he will have all of the information that he will need right at his finger tips.



Vincenzo said...

I want some waffles.

Belinda said...

Me too Vince, but my pants are getting tight. I am anxious for some discipline -Lent