Saturday, February 14, 2009

Question - A fun filled 30 minutes featuring geeks in their natural habitat. Also known as a geekapalooza.

Answer - What is "Jeopardy"?

I love Jeopardy, and I admire intelligent people. My friends are all smarter than I am , and I always look forward to learning new ideas from them. I love people that can rattle off random facts. I have a brother in law that I find entirely delightful. He's like a walking google.

I watched 20 minutes of Jeopardy the other day, and I only got two questions correct!!
I also like watching highly intelligent people um..... fail. They take it kinda hard too which is amusing. I also like to watch them gloat when they win , or when they beat out the other contestants.

This man on the far right faints, and they don't stop the show ! They work around him. Their compassion is touching.

Yikes ! Ken is a nice Mormon boy too.

This poor guy on the right lost ten thousand dollars ,and he gets to go to hell too. Awww.

Arrogance is a viewing pleasure plus.


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