Monday, March 2, 2009

Johnny Cash Might Also Have Done Modern Day Mortifications ;) Day 6

Padre Brossart likes Johnny Cash too !


Padre Scott SOLT said...

Ahhh.... I must admit you trumped me with this Johnny Cash song. I was about to put up and wave my white flag till I found a song by Toby Mac that puts life into perspective. Perhaps if good 'ol Johnny heard this song in his early years he wouldn't have to have thrown it all away.

Belinda said...

Poor Johnny, many souls have to come to Christ the hard way.

Our 15 year old twins like Toby Mac. My husband likes "Third day". I will post a "Third day" song for you !! Paul's favorite song make me think about Eucharistic adoration.

Our Twins religion teacher who is also a Sister, plays Toby in her theology class.

Catholic schools are like a breath of fresh air in a dark sucky outta control world. Someday everyone will know about our school because the students are amazing. We will have many religious come from there. Many students were home schooled, then they were sent to our new highschool.
I am worried about the tuition though. It costs over 14,000 per two students to attend. I wonder if only kids who's parent's had (HAD) money will become religious.

Belinda said...

I am glad that you learned how to post videos.