Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Mortification Means To Me.

I believe that Christ's return may be very soon , and although we don't know the exact hour our bible does seem to be pointing to a time such as ours. Even so - bible aside , with the level of sin on all fronts I do find that the world that I am living in to be shocking. I feel that God must be totally outraged, and I think that he will only tolerate so much sin until he reveals his justice.
I believe in prayer to be sure, and prayer without ceasing, but I also believe that we have passed the tipping point, the next generation coming down the pike is worse than the previous one ,( those silly sexters !) and I am amazed at how low people will allow themselves to go. I am also surprised that parents wouldn't want "better" for their children - even spiritually. I am astounded at the depths of sin and depravity that people are willing to participate in. Many souls seem to be entirely steeped in sin , and with no real concern or fear of God nor a fear of the repercussions that naturally occur from their own sins !

So I began to consider the idea of Mortification's , and I think that they play a real part in building up the body of Christ. I think that it means a lot to Christ to say that I will try to help my brothers, and sisters to carry their crosses , and to help shoulder their burdens. We know that Christ paid for our sins , but it is my most humble intention to offer up these mortification's in the hopes of the conversion of sinners hearts , and of their minds so that they might turn to Christ while there is still time , and that in some sucky pitiful way maybe I can help the body of Christ too. I am not talking about bloodletting or injuries requiring antibiotics , but we are to the point that our prayer lives , and sacrifices for our brethren must be bumped up , and now. However I will never share what I really do , I am more discreet than I appear to be .
We know that our daily struggles , and pains are valid , and that they mean something. I am simply trying to help the people that I love to understand that God is asking more from them - from all of us , and it's time to belly up to the bar so to speak.

*I try to flavor my mortification's with humor. I always mix sugar into my children's medicine , but they still gotta take it . The sweetness doesn't render the medicine ineffective - just more palatable , and we would start off with small doses.
Mortification defined

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