Saturday, April 11, 2009

Belinda imagines again, and dreams in "Catholic".

Last night I dreamt that Pope John Paul and his driver drove up to me in a white pick up truck with a camper shell, and they nearly ran over me. They seemed to be unintentionally "hill jumping" because they were such in a hurry. His male driver who I don't remember was trying not to be noticed out of modesty. (At the bottom of the hill that they had jumped was a place of safety , reprieve, and healing for myself as a child. ) Our Pope got out of the truck , and he walked up to me , but before I would let him speak I said wait, wait can I kiss your ring , and your face first? I had kissed him then he began to speak with me . He said that he was looking everywhere for people who were drunk, or addicted to drugs, and that he was trying to collect as many souls as he could , and as quickly as he could.. I said eating disordered people also ? and he said yes you can come too. ( That shocked me because I wasn't asking for myself , and he had convicted me at the same time, but still I was glad that he said that I could come too.) He said that he had been looking everywhere for these souls because if they were sober they would encounter Christ and they could be saved. He said that he had been searching everywhere for them, and that he wanted them to attend a special Mass that would be said for them. He asked for me , and for others to help him find as many alcoholics , and drug addicts that we could find , and bring them to a special Mass.
So then I began to collect people as he had instructed me to do, and the outdoor place where Mass was to be held for these souls began to fill up quickly just from word of mouth. It was full of people who were drunk, and addicted and in desperate need for Christ's healing , and while they were at mass amazingly they were sober enough to hear the word of God , and for many this was their last chance for had they not gotten sober then their souls would have perished , because they would have never found Christs redemption........... Then I woke up.
I was never a huge fan of JPII , but I didn't dislike him either. I knew so little about him. How strange that I would dream of him. I just realized that my grandfather who was an alcoholic for many years lived at the top of this same hill, and I have been praying hard for his soul, and I had asked God that he be saved at the begining of this Lenten season, and that it be done before Lent was over. Lent ended last night................ Coool Dear God.
* Remember that I have not been church approved , and I am a dork.


Vincenzo said...

That was great! Thank you!

Belinda said...

It's embarrassing.

Lola said...

I Love this Dream.
I love the camper top, because round here all those retirees from Michigan drive down in US Made trucks with Campertops pulling their Fifth Wheels. What an image! JPII on a Mission from God.

I want to go to that mass even tho I'm not addicted to drugs or alchohol. But, who knows under different circumstances I could be.

I once had a priest tell me that a private revalation could come in dreams. That it was a gift to the person sometimes as a consolation.

Maybe sometimes consolations come to us via our dreams and imaginations. I always thought when people said Imagination, they were dismissing the message. But, Mother Angelica often talked about our imagination as something like a tool for our spiritual life. She didn't actually call it that, but I couldn't remember her exact words. Our Imagination is part of our Intellect.

I once early in my conversion back to the Church asked God a few questions and in all sorts of places I got some good answers. Mostly from other people.

Keep sharing, and no I don't think you're trying to be one of "those" types who make all sorts of claims of being a direct line to the Almighty.