Saturday, May 16, 2009

If your ever stranded in your car remember to tell your mother what mile marker your parked at so that she can find you !

Last Tuesday Ana called me and said that she was stranded in her overheating car in front of the Leavenworth federal penitentiary. Of course I panicked, and I began to imagine that a prisoner on work release would be asking her for a ride before I could get to her. Thank God she was stranded so she wouldn't be forced to drive him anywhere. Or maybe a criminal would be released today after 30 years of detention , and find Ana at the gates as some sort of an answer to his prayers. I had imagined several scenarios ,and none of them were pleasant. So I rushed to find her , but when she called to say that she was in front of "the prison" what she didn't realize is that there are 4 other prisons in that same city, and naturally my cell phone had no service in that location, AND it was begining to get dark outside. Gosh, I can't even find my own car after I park it myself in the Walmart parking lot during the daylight hours so again I was becoming panicky (more so than usual) When I finally found her I added water to the car radiator, and I checked the hoses, and oil, but that was the extent of my car repairing abilities. So my blog administrator called for a tow truck while he was at work. Fortunately for us we were stranded in a restaurant parking lot. We waved "hi" to the prison guards standing inside of the gun towers directly in front of us, because we were in range so to speak, ( As if they hadn't been flashed before ;) and then we went inside of the restaurant, and ate dinner while we waited for that tow truck. (It's too bad that we weren't stranded in front of a Dairy queen.)

At the table seated next to us. I heard a man mention the name of our Archbishop , and it was as if someone called me by name, and I said to Ana, hey , I speak Catholic too! I wonder what they are talking about! I couldn't hear them very well, and I thought that I needed one of those creepy "Loud, and Clear" hearing aid devices so that I could eaves drop with ease. I'm glad that they didn't say anything "anti-Catholic" because I really hate it when I get into those public brawls. BTW. The food was terrible. It was one of the worst meals that I have ever had, and I believe that it was cooked ,and sent over from the prisoners next door. I hope it was cootie free. :o

Lastly... Leavenworth Kansas is known for their prisons, (I wonder about the collective mental health of a community that has 5 prisons) It's the home of one of the The New Christy Minstrel singers - I don't know which one because we drove by the sign too quickly, and it's also the home town of singer Melissa Etheridge.

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