Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dionne quintuplets newsreel 1953

Émilie Marie Jeanne Dionne (died August 6, 1954 (aged 20) of accidental suffocation during an epileptic seizure at her convent. She had a series of seizures while she was a postulant at a convent. Emilie had asked not to be left unattended but the nun who was supposed to be watching her thought she was asleep and went to Mass. Emilie had another seizure, rolled onto her stomach and, unable to raise her face from a pillow, accidentally suffocated.

Those poor exploited quints.


Melody K said...

My mom was a kid when these quints were born (she was born in 1930). She and her sisters loved to read about them; they had quint paper dolls and color books. But she was sad years later to read a biography and find out that they were exploited and didn't have a very happy life. Nowadays quints are nothing special, we have octuplets (fertility assisted). It's probably better for the kids in multiple births that they aren't such media magnets anymore.

Enbrethiliel said...


My grandmother (born in 1932, in the Philippines) gets nostalgic about the Dionne quintuplets whenever another multiple birth story makes the news.

Those poor girls! Exploited to the ends of the world . . . =(