Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Snowflakes, ice crystals, and souls are never the same.

Last night I dreamt of a person who was standing beside a microscope.
I didn't notice who the person was or even if they were a male or a female.
This person invited me to come over to view something on a microscope slide ,
and as I did they said to me to look into the microscope, and watch what happens to a soul who receives the body of Christ worthily, and as I peered into the microscope
I watched it (Christ ) grow within us like an ice crystal that attaches itself to us ,
and take root. It was like watching a transformation taking place.
The Eucharist didn't change who or what he was, but it changed us.
It began to grow within us and merge with us on a cellular level.
It (the body of Christ) became entwined within us, and as it fortified us it bonded and entangled and grew to the point of becoming us, but it never changed what it or who he was.... we changed.
..... I am having trouble describing it,
but it was beautiful to watch.
More beautiful than you could imagine.....
kinda like, but more intricate than watching an ice crystal grow.
Christ becomes a part of us , and he can not be removed (except by sin)
because he was so entangled within us.

But then I was shown a slide of what happens to the soul who receives unworthily ,
and it was like a seed that was sown onto contaminated soil .
It just sat there like it was dead. No movement , and no life.
I remember feeling sad, and sorry for Jesus,
and now I understand how sacrilegious it is to take Jesus,
and put him into a dead contaminated person.


I am sorry that these video aren't good enough, but they were the best examples that I could find.

*I don't feel comfortable sharing my dreams ,
but I am doing it this time because it was beautiful , and important.
Adults reading my drivel should read it with discernment.
I don't have church approval - on any level .... but I would never do anything to usurp Church teaching ... ever.
If one of my readers should find that if ever I write anything
contrary to church teaching I must me notified immediately so I can remove it.
I am a convert, and I make mistakes, and I have limited knowledge of Church teaching.

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