Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Smallest Car in the Largest City in the World (1913)

The British Film Institute houses an early film, captured in 1913, in which a miniature car commissioned by Queen Alexandria of Norway for the Crown Prince Olav tows a procession of Londoners through the streets of the capital, before being delivered to a pair of 'royal testers' of roughly Olav's age.- wikipedia

*I was concerned for the safety of the small child in the back seat. One fine bump in the car could have landed him on his head backwards onto the pavement. No worries though the children in this film were "tester" children. The real prince Olav died on the 17th of January 1991 at age 87

*Secondly I'm wondering if you can find anyone dressed crummy in the crowd scenes. Most men were wearing ties.

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