Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I dreamt that I was running.

The sky was over cast and growing dark and I knew that I didn't have much time left. I ran through streams and over rocks and around people standing still as they watched me pass by. I ran though forests and fields and beside and around houses and barns. I understood that there were many other runners (blogger buddies too ) all doing the very same thing that I was and that Jesus was at the finish line... salvation. I never saw him but I kept running. Even though at times I was alone and struggling I knew that there were others just like me all running determinedly trying to finish the race of their lives.


If your not running to Jesus then why aren't you? If your not in the race for your salvation through Jesus and striving for the salvation of your brothers and sisters (it's not just all about you ) then why aren't you? Run to mass while you still can and pray for souls before darkness comes. It will come I promise.


Vincenzo said...

In my dream I was walking through a neighborhood I didn't recognize, then ended up in the middle of a mafia battle.

belinda said...

Yikes it sounds like you were dreaming about food again...

Maybe an Italian food fight? hehehe

I just finished making 6 batches of Lasagna. A fine quality lasagna and no worries because I practice good hand washing. :)

One for our Priest, and two for our two neighbors. One for tonight and one for the freezer for later.

My blog administrator made them some homemade ice cream. Our neighbors love us and we love them too.

Vincenzo said...

Wow that's so nice of you guys. I love lasagna. I have the noodles, should make some..
I had haagen dazs for the first time in years today.