Saturday, August 8, 2009

My favorite commercial. I wish that they would make it into a movie ...a four hour epic.

School starts next week for some of our children and the week after for the rest. I am beside myself with anticipation. I am practically giddy !
PLAYTIME IS OVER !! Thanks be to God.

(It's their constant fighting that drives Paul and I nuts.)


Lola said...

The only things I miss when my children are in school?

The bickering and sibling quibbling and most important the outright disobedience when I call them to get "their shoes on, we've got to get going!"

Otherwise, I enjoy them and actually cry the first week of school.

belinda said...

In three weeks I will be depressed and lonely ... I know it.
And as grouchy as I pretend to be I am a clingy mother. I kiss and hug them throughout the day. I always tell them that they are special and that we are lucky to have them in our family.


If your not in the car and dressed when it's time to go to school then I will put you in the car in your jammies and I will bring your breakfast in a paper bowl. They can go to school the nice way or the hard way but either way they will go.
They have always been dressed before we have arrived at the school doors. (Peer pressure)
This works for Mass too and only once my son had to put his shoes on during Mass and he was embarrassed. It never happened again.
When school begins we have different issues....homework arguments and here is where I fail. Personal accountability with some of my kids doesn't happen.

Lola said...

I have brought them to the Y in jammies.

But, from now on, I'll be a little more no-nonsense like you Dear Belinda. No more lateness.

Oh, and how do you deal with those youngsters overactive bladders mid-mass? (I've had a plaque of that recently.)

BTW, when my dd was an infant and I'd take her out for a walk the spanish ladies in our apartment complex would always fawn over her and call her Belinda. (Not her name but, spanish for 'very pretty') But, I suppose you know that already!

belinda said...

Yes, Miss Lola I did know that about my name. I think it means honest and fair too.

I take our children to the bathroom 10 minutes before Mass begins and we make them at least try to go even if they don't need to.
If they say, "I don't need to go I say, "well that's fine now go and try anyway".

I have noticed that I have gotten into the habit unknowingly of yawning at a certain point during the Mass. I have tried to stop but been unable to so far. Every time every mass. Not sure why.

My husband is the better parent. We play the good cop, bad cop routine and I am the bad cop.