Saturday, August 1, 2009

Popo Agie - The sinks located at the Shoshone national forest.

This film is from YouTube.

The park goat is way too friendly and he will ram you. He sleeps on the side of the road and at the visitors center. People pet and feed him. This goat is smarter than some people.

Joseph and I are playing in the freezing cold water.
Kate stood up in the water. She was the bravest of all.
Climbing up a mountain......
Joseph said, " I can't do it !" I said , "yes you can !"
"Now do it !"
It's hard climbing on all fours, but afterward he was happy that he had done it.
He kept saying , "please God help me".
It really wasn't that bad.
We came down by sliding on our butts.
Joseph said to me, "look Mom I see a bear !"
I jumped back , gasped and nearly wet myself.
I had no idea that I could jump backwards so far.
As my legs began to weaken I gave the bear a closer inspection
and found it to be a tree that had fallen over with the roots , dirt and rocks giving the appearance
of what looked like a bear.
Then my son says's to me , "Mom , look I see a snake !"
And it was a piece of curly sage brush that had been broken and was lying on the trail.
I said, "your scaring me so let's not talk anymore."

Then he asked me if his sister Grace was "dopted" (adopted) and I said yes and you can break it to her when we get back to camp. I filled her in before hand and he broke the news to her then we all giggled. Joseph asked his Dad where he got Grace from and our trail guide said, "we got her from a catalog." Then I added that we love her just as much as the others.

(Grace is one of our twins and she certainly wasn't adopted.)


Adrienne said...

This is waaaaay off topic but you have the loveliest feet. You've treated us to pictures in the past and have been meaning to tell you ...Now I have!

belinda said...

I have a readers comment , I have a readers comment !! Let me calm down and I will read what you have to say now.
Your the sweetest blogger buddy ever !! Way nicer than Mr.Nelson !!!.... I'm just kidding. He's the funniest when he's crabby.
We were like that astronaut who didn't change his underwear for a month.
We had to go FOUR days without a shower then Yellowstone park charged us $34.00 for 7 people to simply have a shower. You know who really loves you after four days and no shower and why is it that you can't smell your own stink ? hahahahaha
Maybe it had something to do with the altitude. hahahaha
I said to my trail guide who also happens to be my blog administrator. Gosh my hair looks terrible and he said , "you look just fine, but maybe you could keep your hat on."