Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A twisted tale of a mothers love . Or .... A hot mess is still a mess.

Okay , so I live in a bubble and I just stepped out into the real world and although I normally don't write about gossipy stories this one it has caught my eye.

First off I am shocked and for many reasons.
I watched a few episodes of the Kardashians over on youbube and
Bruce and Kris are are not doing their kids any favors .
Your all a sick twisted mess.
Kim , your mother should have told you to march your a** back upstairs and get some clothes on P.D.Q a long time ago.
My pretend conversation with them would have been pretty much downhill from there.

Secondly Kourtney please reconsider your public dilemma
over whether or not you should have had an abortion .
When your child is older and finds out that you were struggling with the issue of
giving your child life or murdering it
the poor thing is going to have a problem with that.
What your doing is creating a pro- life child.
Every child should know that it's loved and wanted and from it's very begining
and whether it was convenient for you or not.


Lola said...

She chose life!

Thank you Belinda for the cool posting.

(I have to agree with so much...)

belinda said...

Yes !! Thanks be to God. How could I have not stated the obvious.
At some point someone in that family will give birth to a child who will be a genetic fluke. (there's one in every family) Someone with integrity and a feeling of self worth. Someone who doesn't think or act like the rest of the family. Someone with backbone who stands up and does the right thing and who perhaps will have to face down his or her spouse, parents , or grandparents and draw a line in the sand. Someone who thinks that the rest of the family has the moral integrity of a kumquat. Someone who wont push their daughter into doing a topless photo shoot and feels that pimping out your daughters or your aunts is a sin and lacks good judgement and is demeaning. Someone who understands that sexualizing your beloved daughters (and some are really young !!) is a sin and on many levels. Someone who's searching for something that is longer lasting than fame. Someone who actually picks up his or her cross instead of using it for a pole dance. I pray that it will be this child. Chastising hurts the worst when it comes from the inner circle. The saint that comes to this family and shows them an opportunity for redemption is gonna catch hell.
I apologize for forgetting that she KEPT THE BABY !!
Sorry God... and Lola :)

belinda said...

Additionally there would be outrage against Kris Jenner if she would have had video footage of her daughters on the toilet YET it's perfectly acceptable for her mother to arrange to market a sex tape of her daughter with no public outrage. Mothers are to protect their children. I don't understand this at all.

I wouldn't even let the highly sexualized daughters around their little sisters and yet they idolize them.

Bruce Jenner's son Brody has his girlfriend in playboy this month. I read on fox news that the young woman didn't want to pose nude and yet HER mother talked her into it.
The twistation never stops over there.

belinda said...

I mean to say the outrage is making public a private activity. Betraying the ones you love.

Lola said...

They're weird.

But, maybe that is why people watch their show.

I tried, but was so grossed out when the 12 year old was wearing makeup and Bruce was undermined by Kris. He flat-out didn't want his 12 year old looking 23 and Kris made him out to be a fuddy duddy, so oldfashioned.

The 12 year old looked awful.

Please Belinda, write a post on your no nonsense way of raising modest children. (I'm so far doing okay, but can see the years ahead be a challenge with all the cultural 'sexualization' being directed at kids.)