Friday, September 4, 2009

I would bet a digit from my left pinkie finger that Martha's a Catholic ~ Just guessing though.

Someones gonna have a cow when she finds out that her uber special paper flower craft kits are being sold in the marked down bin at "Big Lots" with lesser quality companies really crappy stuff. When Martha finds out she will have the head of the person responsible served on a sterling silver heirloom platter with a sweet and sour orange sauce that's been steeped in fine herbs with creme fraiche dolloped on the side and consisting of 28% milk fat that was imported from a farm located in the south of France and served with
tender roasted spring vegetables and a crispy french baguette.
I wonder which wine , red or white wine goes best with "people".
Hum..... , Martha knows.

*disclaimer ~ I'm sure that Martha's lovely in person and I'm confident that she wouldn't approve of me or my blog... but then again neither does my blog administrator ;)


Melody K said...

Well she has Polish roots, so chances are pretty good she at least grew up Catholic. I like to read her magazine, but the actual way my house looks is so not Martha. Like now when I'm messing around on the internet trying to avoid cleaning my refrigerator.

belinda said...

I use to love to read her magazines but after I would finish with them I would look at my own stuff and think , "this crap sucks", instead of being grateful for what I have.