Thursday, December 10, 2009

The temperature of my social anxiety is begining to rise.

My entertainment director is taking me out for dinner tomorrow night which would normally be a lot of fun , but it's a Christmas dinner with pagans.
It's not really this dramatic, but I'm confident that I will be bitten at least once ,
but probably several times.
I have an obligation to tone myself down and to hold my tongue
for the sake of my saintly husband.
In other words I can't be my normal religious freaky self.

I've made a mental plan though I will cut to the chase and just say .... YES , I'M THE ONE WITH ALL OF THOSE CHILDREN move out of my field of vision .
*I'm sure that they will find me demure and charming in person (hahahahaha)
and I hope that I lose those pesky extra ten pounds by tomorrow afternoon.


Lola said...

Sometimes it's so hard to not gush about our Good God.

I hope you had a wonderful time anyway.

(Last time Lazlo and I went out, we were pleasant for a couple of hours then politely left and had a blast at Taco Bell. We could've gone anywhere.)

belinda said...

I had a nice time, my activities director didn't . I really wanted to go to Wendys for a frosty and it would have cost 1.50 - not 60.00 which I couldn't stand to spend.