Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiger Woods, Slurping up the dregs, because that's all that's left.

When Hugh Hefner disapproves of your behavior you gotta know that your in trouble.
Hef said , "There are two great, false rumors this week on the Internet related to me. One is that I'm dead. The other one is the notion that I somehow approved of his (Woods') behavior because I said that I was not surprised by it. But I don't approve of it.
I should label this post under ... Your only friends left are whores and Satan and although they can both be very entertaining , the truth is that they're all users and they mostly hate you, and neither are very loyal .

*I'm praying that Christ will tame the tiger, and convert the pig, (Hugh Hefner)


Enbrethiliel said...


Belinda, I hope your Blog Administrator doesn't this this is too harsh and ask you to take it down, because it's just rich!

Vincenzo said...

"Personally, I think Tigers life is like a National Lampoon movie - only without the humor."


belinda said...

Vince , your the funniest of all.

belinda said...

Miss E. Well see, he get's home in about an hour. hahahaha

Vincenzo said...

No you are!

Lola said...

I hope his mother and if he has any real friends tell him so.

belinda said...

I've read that he's been spending a lot of time alone and golfing at night. That's a lot of one on one time with the Holy Spirit.I'm praying and hopeful for his conversion. I think that it would be a beautiful thing if the greatest athlete in the last decade served Christ and brought others to Christ.
How cool would that be?

But he's gotta go through the valley first. Most people do don't they?