Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 A Home depot oddity.

The machines have been delivered and I have video footage of the whole thing.

Notice the dazed look on the delivery men's faces and the confusion of my installation director (my husband) as he reviews the instruction manual? You'll also notice Rosie our youngest daughter who climbed behind the machines and plugged them in for us.
(She's the only one who could fit back there and still take directions
and she enjoyed helping her dad )

I've learned a few lessons this week and I direct these lessons to myself. Not to you dear reader. I'm in no position to correct anyone else.

Here they are.
1) No matter how much "religion" I get, I'm still a big sinner and I always will be. (Especially when the going gets tough.)

2) China has us over a barrel and no one seems to care

3) I can make do - and for a long time

4) Again , I'm reminded that we learn the most when we suffer and as much as we try to avoid suffering it still comes our way.

5) Ditching crosses isn't possible. A new cross replaces a conquered one. (If you can even conquer on in the first place.)

6) Life is hard and it sucks for everyone so get over yourself.

7) Don't pick at people whose spiritual growth isn't what or where you think it should be. Just pray for them and love them as Christ loves them. He will make them understand.

8) Let God be God you just stand there and wait upon him. If you've thought yourself mighty and made things happen for yourself it's been an illusion. God had a hand in everything,

9) You have to depend solely and completely upon God. Even though you have an attitude of "I don't need anybody" or "I really hate to bother God with this issue too.

10) I'm too dependent on modern life and I take it all for granted.


Melody K said...

Re: #10; I would make a lousy pioneer. I used to ask my grandmother about life in the "old days". She said that people had fewer clothes, and that they changed them less often. They made use of aprons and cloth napkins to keep them clean longer. Potty training for kids started as soon as they could walk. There was a reason why both boy and girl toddlers wore little dresses. Grandma had an old-fashioned wringer washer, which I thought was fascinating. My dad offered many times to buy her an automatic one, but she said she didn't need it; what she had was so much better than a washboard. It's all a matter of perspective, I guess.

belinda said...

I watched a movie with Mother Theresa where she told a plumber who was working for her that they didn't need hot water. (They were probably use to making their own)

When I was a child I remember Motels/ Hotel advertising signs that would read,"In room Telephones" or "Air conditioned rooms."

Naturally these things are a given today.

And in 1973 inbetween the watergate hearings I remember Bob Barker on "The price is right" I would watch women cry all over themselves when they would win a dishwasher or a window air conditioner, etc.. perhaps today people would simply be disapointed with such a prize.

Even our poor in America seem have these things today.

I remember my grandmothers electric winger washer. Those machines were a giant leap forward compared to those hand wash boards.