Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Real estate agent or nun? You decide.

Well, she is holding her hands in a prayful manner
or maybe she's being grateful because she just bagged an awesome commission !


Enbrethiliel said...


I've actually seen this woman before, so it wouldn't be fair to guess. =P

Belinda, have I told you that you think of the coolest games?

belinda said...

Thank Miss E. If you lived with me we would play a game called - cleaning the house. hahaha

ignorant redneck said...


Her hands are not in a prayer like manner, they are practicing to stangle the last gasps of faith from women!

A prayerful way to hold ones hands is to keep the fingers extended and joined, slightly arched and verticle over ones heart, thus recalling the shape of a candle flame, and so the fire of the Holy Spirit whom, as Paul says, prays within us "with groans and mummerings" that the human heart and mind cannot comprehend. The thumbs are crossed, reminding us that it was the Sacrifice on the Cross that merited for us the grace of the Divine Indwelling that allows us the singular privled and protection of the Spirit praying on our behalf.

?/awful, pedantic, embittered dislike of medernist nuns?=?off//!

Melody K said...

Not even goin' there!

Lola said...

This lady, er, is a Nun.

But at least she's not wearing makeup, and is sporting a do that could fit under a habit.

X said...

At one time she professed vows but now she's a NONE.

Nan said...