Monday, April 12, 2010

I had a crazy dream last night it and although it started out nice at first - like this song 
  it ended badly as it became violent and oppressive.
People who claim to love Jesus but hate Jews (or anybody else for that matter) just floor me.
You people have the functioning brain power of a possum with a head injury
but perhaps I'm being too generous.
Possums seem pretty harmless even though  they stink to high heaven.


Vincenzo said...

I nominated you for a blog award.

belinda said...

Thank you Vince, you've made my day and here is why... No one around my house EVER says to me "Hey, mom those toilets look great today!" or "Thanks for washing my smelly socks" Or "Good job carrying in the firewood with the snake on top!" Way to go mom!!

I mostly hear children complain about the quality of service which I provide... Even though it's the best I can do...

*Did you notice the prayers I sent your way yesterday? There again - I did my personal best...

Now I'm going to go nominate you for best visual treat...

Vincenzo said...

"Thank you Vince, you've made my day and here is why..."


"Did you notice the prayers I sent your way yesterday?"

Yes I did notice thanks! I heard an interesting story about a miracle a couple days ago (re: Mary), so if you could please ask her to intercede too I'd appreciate it! :-D
Oh wow thanks for the nomination - I don't deserve it.

belinda said...

I think your more talented in the area of photo shop than you know. I've seen graduate level work from Elizabeth and you seem to be very good indeed. Perhaps you would consider continuing your education. Elizabeth described the kind of people who work in film school and with proper training (with the technical programs) I think you could be one of 'em. I don't see why you couldn't.

It's very much a boys club and being a woman may be a problem for Elizabeth.

Melody K said...

Yeah, I don't see how you can love Jesus and hate Jews, either.
I had forgotten about "Paloma Blanca", but I used to like it. I never saw the video before, though. The eagle was kind of ominous; I'm glad they didn't show him going after the doves (I know he has to eat, too, but still!).

Vincenzo said...

Belinda, I wish her well. That type of work sounds fascinating.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

belinda: No offense, dear.
But that video just gave me "post traumatic stress disorder"...I'm over it now; it wasn't your fault...the '70s just put me into a seizure, I'm afraid;
but I absolutely agree with you about harboring hatred toward anyone, anyone.
In fact, on Divine Mercy Sunday devotions, I told the people that we must reject all "revenge"...all of it; because it is a horrid prison that makes us all slaves.
Thanks for the reminder!

belinda said...

Father , Sometimes my dreams are so horrid. This time they were coming after the Christians and the Jews. (Well, on the plus side at least we weren't imprisoned this time.)

There was a weird colored red and orange evening sky and then rocks started falling out of the sky - bazillions of 'em on to the people below. It wasn't looking too good for any of us.

*disclaimer, I do not have church authorization nor approval(Heck they probably wouldn't even like me if they knew me!) ... AND no one is allowed to follow me anywhere- ever.. I'm a dork.

Follow Christ.

belinda said...

Father, I wrote the disclaimer to protect myself from the people on the internet who bite - you know only the finest Christians.

I'm also scared of the grammar police and the creepers. (You know the creepy men who hang out around pools and carnival rides. They'te really friendly too!)

Vincenzo said...

"..and then rocks started falling out of the sky - bazillions of 'em on to the people below. It wasn't looking too good for any of us."

This looks familiar to me. I'm not approved either.

belinda said...

Vince, I hear the murmurs and rumblings from people who are part of the body of Christ. I think as christians we can take into consideration the prophecies of MANY who seem to be in union with Christ and our Holy Catholic church. These are our "religious" and our "lay people" alike who have identical messages. I'm speaking about hundreds of thousands of people who are like us and are hearing Christ repeating the same things over and over again.

(Let's pray that we are not deceived.)

I met a Mormon once and he told me about his concentration camp dreams and I told him about mine and then we bonded. hahaha I'm sorry but it's kinda funny to me. It makes me think of two old guys at a bar bonding over drinks- but nooooo, not me- I'm not normal.
There will be no way out in the end- only total submission but on the up side- people tire of tormenting others and some of our best saints in all of history will come into play. Who will Christ rise up ?.. I can't wait to find out!!

ignorant redneck said...

I really, really am tired of how many people professing to be Christian, or Catholic especially, seem to reserve a special rancor for some group or other

I have things I bear rancor too--behaviors and actions--but I find it hard to just throw a blanket of hate across any group.

maybe that's because if anyone looks too closely at me they will find ample reason to hate me with contempt!