Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yo, boys - your smack down it coming.
I'm just keeping it real.
(My dream of thugs.) 

I dreamt of a group of young black men who were terrorizing their neighborhood. They upset the whole balance of the neighborhood  and it  was sickening to watch the poor people traumatized by their behavior. There was no peace to be found anywhere and everyone who  crossed their path lived in fear- the cold sweat shaky kind of fear.

But then  I dreamt of this guy - he was the worst one of all of the men in the group and I found him  sobbing on  a chair at a bar as he finally understood his sins, and his redemption had come a knockin'. He was filled with deep remorse and sadness for his sins and he was crying because he  had just done something terrible. I walked behind him though he never noticed me and I kissed him on the back of his head as I prayed to Jesus-  ah, redemption is so sweet Lord. Who can resist your charms?

Then my dream continued - I walked away from the man and found myself looking at Nazi memorabilia and God asked me to pray for the souls of the men who had worn the medals and pins but I said, "No, I 'm not praying for Nazi's" but then God reminded me that a thug, is a thug, is a thug but I repeated myself and said   "I can't pray for Nazis."

*Disclaimer - I know where disobedient people go when they die and I worship God , not dreams or dreamers. I hope I don't end up in hell with Nazis when I die. I don't think hell could get much worse than that. Could it? I had better pray for some Nazis today even though I don't want to.

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