Saturday, May 29, 2010

I was at the Salvation army (The Salvanians) thrift store looking for some cake plates and a dress that screams, "I'm from the 1960's" when I ran across a lid that I thought might work for one of my crock pots so as I picked up the lid an older woman said, "Don't do it, it may not fit properly and you will have wasted your money."  I said, "Yeah, I know but it's only $1.49 and I'm pretty sure it will fit." I began to measure  the lid against the length of my arm and she corrected me and said, "That wont work, that's not how you do it." As she started sifting through her purse she pulled out a tape measure and  measured the lid and said,  "It's 11 -1/4" (Geese, I use to always carry a tape measure with me , I've become such a slacker.) I said to her, "Thank you so much that was sweet of you. Thanks for your advice , your terrific and I was sincere." Then she said, "I ain't nothing." I said, "Well God doesn't feel that way." Then she said, "I ain't nobody" and again I said, "No that's now true,  Jesus doesn't feel that way at all , he loves you more than you could imagine", then I walked away sad.

What I don't understand is that if there are so many Christians in America how is it that any person in this day and age wouldn't know at the very least that Jesus loves them? Where I live, preachers are on 4 television  channels 24 hours a day 7 days a week and they're preaching about the easy stuff. Nothing too complicated or taxing, so how can people still not know? I thought the Jesus campaign was pretty thorough.


Melody K said...

I think a lot of people don't believe that Jesus loves them because deep down they don't believe anybody could love them. Bless you for trying to plant the seed; who knows what the outcome will be?

Lola said...

Good for you Belinda!

She was a sweetie for 'helping' but you were sweeter for telling her what she should hear.

Maryteresa said...

Dear Mrs Paul....We are not allowed to shop at the Salvation Army, as they give money to Planned Parenthood...however, you may still enjoy Good Will, Saver's, and as always Turnstyles (Catholic Charities) =)

belinda said...

Thanks for the correction.

Savers second hand stores are full of themselves. (the best one is in overland park) They act as though they're a high dollar establishment as reflected in their attitude and their prices
(30.00 used shoes!) and I'm also peeved at a worker who was working with a disabled (retarded) teen , I thought her attitude and tone towards the young woman sucked.

Good will has been all but abandoned by our community and turnstyles told me last Thursday that if I wanted to donate my used but still in good working order dryer they would charge me an additional donation of $50.00 for pick up. Second hand is getting to be a rough business.

Maryteresa said...

I know Mrs Paul.
But lucky for us, there are still lots of garage sales where I can fill a van for free =)