Monday, May 24, 2010

On Saturday night my blog administrator was called out of bed to console a wife who had just lost her husband  only an hour or so before in a house fire. He was 33 and his widow is about 30. He left behind a baby and a toddler.

My heart is broken and so is the heart of my administrator.
Please pray for this young family.


Melody K said...

How terribly sad! Prayers for that family, and for your husband. God bless all firefighters, who risk their lives to save others.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry! And a firefighter, God bless his precious soul!

I also just got the bad news yesterday that a friend lost her husband on Sunday, when he collapsed at work. She is two months pregnant and they have two other children. He also was in his 30s. I am just heartbroken. I know how you and your blog administrator feel.

May God help these families.

Lola said...


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Prayers here!

Maryteresa said...

Dear Mrs Paul, I know this young lady very well. I worked with her at Sprint / CenturyLink. We got married about the same time. I visited with her today. She seems very strong, but is still in shock. She said it all seems very unreal. And she knows her husband is watching over her and her little ones now. Please keep her (Amber), and her little ones (Emma, almost 6 months old, & Brecken, 2 yrs old) in your prayers.